Thursday, 23 May 2013

Pre-Mortem​: The Coming Death of Dan Friedman

A fuller picture of the two London men who hacked a serving British soldier to death is starting to develop. It appears both killers were motivated by their relationship with Islam. One sure sign of this is that David Cameron, PM of Britain, is already denying it. He’s bending over backwards to preemptively exonerate the Muslim religion. According to the BBC, this is how Cameron put it:
Speaking outside 10 Downing Street on Thursday, Mr. Cameron said: "One of the best ways of defeating terrorism is to go about our normal lives." He said there was no justification in Islam for the attacks, which were "solely and purely" the responsibility of the individuals involved.
Of course, there’s no reason for Americans to be smug. Running interference for Jihad has become a trademark of today’s liberal Western leaders, most notably our own Barack Hussein Obama. However, in the case of a small country like England there is a very small margin for error. And with cringers like Cameron at the helm, the UK could tip over much sooner than expected.

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