Friday, 21 June 2013

Bullet Pens

I'm posting this on Theo's today because of the overwhelming response from the UK on these items, when I Tweeted the other day - S.L.

Junior's Bullet Pens are a good quality product - proceeds go to families of fallen military & wounded disabled veterans.

Junior’s Bullet Pen Company is dedicated to one of our fallen heroes, Staff Sergeant Chris Falkel, KIA, of the 3d Special Forces Group. I met Chris's Dad this week at Fort Bragg, and he told me the story of his son, and the Bullet Pens.

Read the whole story HERE

Junior’s Bullet Pen Company is Veteran-Owned. Foundations supported by Junior's Bullet Pens include:

Special Operations Warrior Foundation
Task Force Dagger Foundation
Fallen Heroes Project
Operation Shower
Green Beret Foundation
Remembering The Brave
Worldwide Rangers Inc.

When you buy a Bullet Pen, you help support a U.S. veteran and/or his or her family. If you are a veteran, you have just supported yourself - STORMBRINGER SENDS

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