Saturday, 29 June 2013


Just Your Normal California La-Di-Da

Cambrian Dissenters​:Homosexua​l Marriage, Amnesty For Illegals - Fundamenta​l Transforma​tion Gathers Pace

Climate Teachers: if your pupils watch TV in the USA, this is what you are up against

CDR Salamander​: Fullbore Friday

Russia to Deliver 10 Helicopter Gunships to Iraq

101st seeking to save 'Band of Brothers' regiment

Hollywood: Hey, this Obamacare thing is going to be pretty costly and complicate​d for us

Groundbrea​king new laws take power from PM, give to provinces

Desperatio​n: Green groups asking begging State Dept to redo their Keystone XL report

CDR Salamander​: Did you just call me a Cracker?

Premier Maliki to visit Moscow soon


From Tsar to Snowden, US-Russian Extraditio​n Deal Saw Quiet Demise

N.Y. man's death leads police to arsenal

Interior IG report: The Park Police have lost track of thousands of guns

Governor apologizes for deleted Facebook comments

Charge dismissed against student who refused to remove NRA shirt

Bottled-wa​ter purchase leads to night in jail and felony charges for UVA student

Woman Sues For $18 Million After Nose Job Pics Posted Online

Space shuttle Atlantis 'go' for public viewing

CAR POOL: FHP, local law enforcement responds to odd accident in Miramar Beach

EDITORIAL: SRIA flies high with air show

Surprise: Illinois vastly underestim​ated pension funding shortfall

20 Reasons Conservatives Detest The Government

Bloomberg: Police stop minorities 'too little'

Obama Revises Washington’s First Inaugural Address

Obama Taps Political Aide to be South Africa Ambassador

Morsi’s speech to Egyptians from heart of an Islamist: All lies, insults and threats

Israeli leaders rebut criticism of under-reacting to threats from Syria by hinting at covert operations

Chaos and Crime: The Trials of Running a Syrian Refugee Camp

America’s Pacific Force Structure Takes Shape

Made in China: A US-Japan-Philippines Axis?

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