Sunday, 30 June 2013

So what's the deal with Chem-Trails? (Video)...from TPC

Video that explores whether the white exhaust trails from planes are simply due to the extreme cold at high altitude or are they actually chem-trails being used by the US government to try and manipulate the weather?


Anonymous said...

I just found and I think it’s great. I’m going to put you in my links or blogroll, I hope you don’t mind. Thanks.

Rickvid in Seattle said...

Chem trails? Are you making on me a so big shit? Yeah, and flourided water is for mind control, there was no moon landing, JFK lives on Mars, Elvis just went home, and my hemroids were caused by being kidnapped by aliens! Sheesh, what is big joke, here? More bazongas, less conspiracy tomfoolery.

Anonymous said...

Theo, if you are going to allow shite like this on your blog, I'll remove it from my favourites and look elsewhere for an entertaining blog to replace it.

It's bad enough reading the gold/silver paranoia shite one of your contributors continually posts.

Get a grip mate.