Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Sunday Best...............

Highland Games and Gathering of Clans

How ignorant Britain sneers and sniggers at the threat from Iran

BLACKFIVE: Saturday matinee: Fort Eben-Emael

It's time for "The Lerner Rule"

Tractor Driver Steals Bridge in Russia

Video: Speaker finds Obama's climate proposal "aboslutel​y crazy"

United flight leaving from London to SFO runs low on toilet paper

Upset at World's Ugliest Dog contest

This Be Madness! America's Outrageous​ly Long and Totally Unacceptab​le Customs Lines

Chicago Teen May Be Test Case on US Surveillan​ce - Accused bomb plotter might serve as constituti​onal challenge to expanded powers

New Black Panther leader charged with gun possession

Secrets of Ancient Rome's Amazing Concrete Revealed

Bloomberg BNA to monitor employees’ snack pantry use with cameras

Couple Die of Thirst in Desert - They were trying to get across Saudi Arabia's 'Empty Quarter'

Editorial: Cancel IRS bonuses

MacDill furloughs' impact is far-reaching

New book explores life on the WWII chow line

For re-enactors, Gettysburg is pinnacle of hobby

Most Miserable City: Reporter who put Mobile on the list gets first taste of history at Mardi Gras Museum

Have We Given Up on Good Men?

"The Day the EBT Cards Run Out": A Glimpse of the Chaos from Clayton County

State voice experts out of Zimmerman trial

Question: What happens when "settled science," isn't?

The Palin Doctrine by Patrick J. Buchanan

Cities with the most abandoned homes

Obama Heads to Oval Office for Full Saturday of Work!!!!

Obama Climate Change Push Begins Tuesday

Obama spending $100-Million for ‘Symbolism” on African trip

Gunmen kill 10 foreign tourists in northern Pakistan

and finally.............

The problem with economic equality

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