Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Late News.................

NHS Death Factories Scandal - The Envy Of The World Needs Putting Down

The baseless hatred of the EU towards Israel

Trayvon Martin, Burglary Tools, and PCP-style Drug Cocktails

Inflation jumps in June on increased fuel costs

Ilha Queimada Grande teems with poisonous vipers and can only be visited with permission of the Brazilian Navy

Labor Appointmen​ts at Ground Zero of Nuclear Option Fight

Painkiller addicts hit Medicaid limits

Obama Fraud Challenger Jailed For Year Breaks Silence About Harassment And Intimidati​on

Funding restored for Air Force combat units, Thunderbirds to return to the sky

Stevie Wonder boycotts Florida after Zimmerman verdict

Senate appears to have avoided 'nuclear' option

Media blackout: Georgia man killed in black-on-white hate crime attack

What Obama Can Learn from a Legal Intern

Obama Nabbed Grabbing East Room Nicorette Fix

WITNESSES: 2nd 'This Is for Trayvon' Beating in WI

Benghazi, the Muslim Brotherhood Connection & the Libyan Intelligence Report

Defense Minister Yaalon denies Israel attacked Syria’s Latakia arms depot. Twenty-five Syrian shells on Golan

Escaped ‘bull’ (actually pregnant cow) charges D.C. police car after two days on the loose in suburbs

Russia Holds Massive Military Drill Aimed at China, Japan

Million bottles of Australian wine to be poured down the drain

Why geologist tasted 2.6 billion-ye​ar-old water

Green Berets Take On Anti-Gunne​rs at Annual Meeting

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