Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Late News................

Zip code change for ship-bound mail part of cost-savin​g measures

Hagel Announces Cuts to Headquarte​rs Staffs

Confirmed: DOJ Helped Bogus Student Group Linked to ACORN Target George Zimmerman

Jimmy Carter Supports Zimmerman Verdict: 'The Right Decision'

Liberals Attack 'March for Jobs' Rally, Label BALA Front for 'Hate Groups'

Lewisville Is for Boobs

Feds suspend review of $5.5B loan for Vegas-to-C​alifornia train

Amanda Bynes calls Obamas 'ugly'

Pearl Harbor Survivor Accosted by Airport Security

Sexualized spying

DOJ Asks Civil Rights Groups, General Public for 'Tips' on Zimmerman

Immigratio​n impasse: New House Republican​s ready to battle the Senate bill

NPR Misleads on 'Stand Your Ground'

Confession​s of a Racist

Pentagon must overhaul its MIA effort, GAO report says

Putin warns Snowden not to hurt U.S.-Russi​an relations

NASA: Warp drive might not be science fiction

RON HART: Bankruptcy Gone Wild

An oral history of the Flora-Bama, the world-famous beach bar which has improbably survived the decades

House leader John Boehner rejects Olympic boycott over Snowden

Have Mankind's 'Greatest Pyramids' Been Pinpointed​? - New research helps support amateur archaeolog​ist's findings

Phone out of juice? Researcher​s can recharge with urine

Europe's car sales plunge another 6.6% in first half

Hillary Immediately Begins Pandering to Black People

The Rev. Sharpton’s already flagging posse

Appeal to the international community to avoid bloodshed in Egypt

Eric Holder’s Reign of Racial Terror

UK Taxi Rapes - "No Woman is Safe in a Cab"

India’s Naval Aviation: Punching Below Its Weight

Morgan Tsvangirai: I will not work with Robert Mugabe again

‘We will catch you’: IDF issues wanted posters for Palestinian kids

Cops know where you've been via license plate scanners

Al Qaeda branch says No. 2 leader killed in Yemen

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