Thursday, 18 July 2013


Does Helen Mirren Go Rogue or Rouge in Red 2?

Second drone in a week crashes at Tyndall Air Force Base, U.S. 98 blocked

Given the MERS outbreak, should Muslims avoid the annual pilgrimage to Mecca?

3 reasons why the Fed is worried about housing

Or this might be even worse: Black mob violence against a Marine

Chicago Violence Scoreboard- July 15, 2013

Florida Conservatives Want to Recall Rubio — First They Just Have to Pass a Law Making It Possible

Cuba Admits to Sending Weapons to North Korea

CPS Test Scores Plunge as Reality Intrudes

Durham-in-​Wonderland​:News from Maine

AP sources: Senators reach deal on student loans

Angela Corey’s Checkered Past

Obama To Seek Some Love for Obamacare

The strange case of Mexican emigration

Egyptian Politician: U.S. Ambassador Member of Muslim Brotherhood 'Sleeper Cells'

TWA Flight 800: Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Benghazi warm-up

Sinai Salafis in all-out war on Egyptian forces, blocking roads to MFO base and Israeli border

France: Slouching Toward Totalitarianism

Faked Outrage in the Middle East

Pentagon May Hasten Missile Intercept Retest After Latest Failure

British soldiers who fought for Canadians finally added to Second World War memorial after 80 years

How Japan’s Military Should Change

Explosive Remnants of War in the Pacific

Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe cannot survive an era of internet openness

North Korea demands Panama release seized ship

IRS Gave $14 Billion in Refundable Tax Credits to Illegals

Iraqi Ambassador​: Give Us Bigger Guns, And Then We'll Help on Syria

Battle of the Potomac I&W

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