Saturday, 20 July 2013


LT Eric Garcetti, El Lay Mayor

Immigration Disaster II - Australian PM Acts While British PM Lays Out The Welcome Mat

BLACKFIVE: Obama misarticul​ates self defense & stand your ground

Michigan judge halts Detroit bankruptcy because it dishonors Obama

Syrian Kurds Prepare For Self-Gover​nance

What the Media Choose Not to Know about Trayvon

Bombshell: Obama Appointed IRS Chief Counsel William Wilkins Implicated In IRS-Gate

Netflix Is Cropping Your Movies - It's cutting off the sides to fill screens

Hey, a Midwest oil pipeline is on the fast-track to approval! No, not Keystone

U.S. Wants Freedom from ‘Filthy’ French Cheese

New Black Panthers call for protests against Zimmerman verdict

Obama’s Secret $8 Billion Bribe To the Muslim Brotherhoo​d

Norwegian convicted over rape report issues Gulf caution

Video: Obama tries to break it to the left that the DOJ's not going to prosecute Zimmerman

Now That Barack Obama Lectured on Trayvon Martin Will He Talk About Marley Lion?

Detroit bankruptcy could be a precursor for the nation

How to Lose Weight in 21 Days, “Naked and Afraid”

The Politics of Race: "Perpetual Victimhood"

‘Out with the Mafia!’ Mass anti-govt protests backed by Anonymous grip Spain

Increasing Attacks: Piracy Shifts Coasts in Africa

US Forced to Drop 4 Unexploded Bombs on Great Barrier Reef

Asylum seekers riot on tiny island of Nauru

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