Sunday, 18 August 2013

All the time.........................from Rico

Unless you get your 'news' and other information from a badly compromised MSM (otherwise known as 'undocumented Democrats') you might be figuring-out that the 'official' numbers being reported by the Government are not just heavily manipulated, but cooked to the extent that they are not only useless but disconnectd from the reality 'Main Street' lives in.

- The rest of you are probably convinced that 'hey, the S&P broke through 1700 last week so everything is going really swell' while (a) not having one penny invested in the index, and (b) not having one clue about 'nominal' vs. 'real' numbers, believeing (c) it MUST be true...since you read it in the paper and saw it on TV!

Here are a few examples from 15 Aug 2013:

[Key: dm= the official (bogus) numbers after data manipulation/bdm= the shadowstats (real-calculated using the 1980's-1990's calculations) numbers before data manipulation.]

- Annual Inflation Rate: dm 1.36%/bdm 9.62%

- Unemployment: dm 7.6%/bdm 23.3%

- GDP growth: dm 1.62%/bdm <1.75%>

I think George Carlin had it absolutely correct. Believe none of what you're told, none of what you hear, and none of what you see because this corrupt Government is openly in the mode of "all lies, all the time."

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