Friday, 20 September 2013

ObamaCare in 2 Photo's.............from Rico

While I applaud the House (R) 'defunding' ObamaCare,

I also realize the Senate (C) will refuse reason and the desires of the electorate.

- And you have to KNOW that Barry (M) would never sign anything that as actually beneficial to Americans. No way. Not a chance. Ain't gonna happen.

Here is this monstrosity 'illustrated' in two photo's [to spare Obamunists from having to move their lips while trying to 'read' a written comment]:

The FIRST pic is what you 'get' with ObamaCare.

The SECOND pic is what you will 'pay' for ObamaCare.

Don't LIKE it? Too bad, so sad.

- Barry says LUMP it!

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