Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Gee, "lucky" me REDUX..........................from Rico

I voiced some displeasure yesterday at the 2014 18% health care insurance premium increase (for the same coverage and policy) as I had in 2013...all thanks to that stinking, steaming pile of socialist crap known as ObamaCare.

- Instead of just sitting on my ass and 'stewing' about it, I made like an old-time bread truck and hauled buns.

In the original 'spirit' of the first Boston Tea Party, and today's Taxed Enough Already patriots, here is my small effort to "resist"...

On my own, without the useless website or the equally useless gooberment (pardn the redundancy), I found an insurance policy for 2014 that meets the 'standards' required by the new 'tax law' (aka ObamaCare) for 4% LESS than my 2013 policy cost, and...21% LESS than my projected 2014 post-ObamaCare cost from my original insurer.

$ince the only vote that seems to count these days is the 'wallet vote' and since ObamaCare has been ruled a 'tax' this is my form of 'tax resistance'...and I'm willing to bet it's also an unintended consequence these socialist clowns did not foresee.

- Oh. Have I forgotten to say to them "kiss my rebel ass" and "f*ck all y'awl?"

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Anonymous said...

You better tell where, how, and through what means you got this "better coverage for less", or everything you say is bullshit, and has been from day one!