Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The #VRWC Report: Trick or Treat for UNICEF's elite

UN Auditor: UNICEF keeps up to 61 cents of every dollar for "administration." Those ubiquitous orange boxes help feed fat cat bureaucrats, not poor Third World kids.

Obamacare is contagious: Britain's NHS can't get their socialized medicine website to work right either.

Gator Doug wants someone to give Sean Penn his address. Please. Hilarity will ensue.

Not racism: Virginia Democrats white-face a black man.

Today's Pro-Choice Poster Girl is brought to you by Lower Saucon Township, Pennsylvania.

If you like your current health plan -- get over it.

If you enroll in Medicaid via you can't get out of it. Ever.

If you like your cancellation letter, you can keep it

"Hello, Obamacare hotline, this is Peggy."

Texas GOP Poll: "Generic" Tea Party challenger beats Senator John Cornyn 46% to 33%.

3D printed zombies!

 The cookie-cutter curriculum that is Common Core.

Retro advertising, I'm pretty sure we're buying what she's selling!

The Obamacare postage stamp. Yes, it's a Forever Stamp.

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