Wednesday, 30 October 2013

When 'free' isn't........................from Rico

I think some would call this "karma" and some would call this "I was for it, until I was against it"...

The LA Times quoted a Californian (Ms. Kehaly) who was just notified of a 50% increase in her health insurance premium as saying "I was all for ObamaCare untl I found out I was paying for it."

The "progressive" dipsticks and "Obamunist" numb nuts are just now staring to figure-out what conservatives have been saying for years: 'this will NOT be free.'

It was a "like totally awesome idea, dude" when they thought their boy Barry or some capitalist pig was going to pay for ObamaCare.

- The reality turns out to be that they are not only paying for their own healthcare, but the health care of millions of Americans who...until their [pick one: (a) generosity, (b) stupidity]...would have had to cover their own expenses out of their own pockets.

Makes one want to ask all these liberal retards "How's that socialist "spreading the wealth around" working out for you now?'

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