Thursday, 31 October 2013

You're Imagining Things.......................from Rico

There is NO inflation. The FED and the Government say so.

- If you 'think' there is, why you're imagining things. This is "settled" economics.

Why else would a COLA (cost of living increase) of 1.5% just be announced?

- That makes it "official"...there is NO inflation. Would the Government LIE to you? C'mon!

Someone who is actually trustworthy, John Williams of ShadowStats, says that if inflation was calculated the way it was under Jimmy Carter it would run between 8 and 10 percent.

- The inflation calculation has been changed many times since 1978, and the purpose each time was to make it 'appear' as though inflation was lower than it actually was. "Officially" of course. [Infaltion's a lot like the phony BLS unemployment numbers, or the initial enrolment numbers that were touted for ObamaCare...two other win-wins by Gooberment.]

Besides, inflation is for the 'little' people who have to eat, etc. and not for their 'betters' in the kleptocracy.

- The Intuit Spending Index says in the past 2 years inflation is UP by double digits, measuring 'little' stuff like: daycare, healthcare, utilities, get the idea if you live outside the 'bubble' of Washingtoon, DC (District of Criminals), or Wall Street.

But hey...are you going to believe you're lying eyes or the Government?

This morning's manufactured and orchestrated antics in the fake paper bullion markets are directly related to this shell game, and specifically intended to make the Dollar 'look' stronger than it is while 'masking' the reality of inflation and it's steadily shrinking purchasing power.

- Look at the prices in this old photo and compare it to the skyrocketing supply of Federal Reserve Note fiat Dollars [Actually IOUN's, as in I Owe You Nothing].

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