Sunday, 10 November 2013

If You Only Knew, This Would.......................from Rico

If the American public only 'knew' that one third of the population was NOT in the labor force, it might get their attention and would "blow their skirt up."

This is exactly why the Government LIES about the unemployment rate being 'only' 7.3% (U.3) makes a tolerable headline for them and their 'tingly leg' enablers in the MSM to put forward, and they usually ignore that other phony number 13.8% (U.6), which makes things look 'worse.'

Completely unreported, and so the public is completely unaware of it, is the ACTUAL unemployment rate of 23.5% as calculated the 'old' way (before the truth started making the government look really bad) by John Williams of ShadowStats.

- Now there is a number that WOULD blow everybody's skirts up 23.5 PERCENT UNEMPLOYMENT!!!


Anonymous said...

And you know when the another administration gets in either d or r, they will still go with the lower percentage rate because if they showed the truth that administration WILL be blamed for it and not the previous one that caused it.

Anonymous said...

How is 23.5% "one third" of the population?