Sunday, 17 November 2013

Poster Child for Sorry................................from Rico

This kind of stupidity is actually painful to witness.

- This proves that there are some people so stupid they do not realize just how stupid they are...they're simply too stupid to figure it out.

From a state known for clueless idiot politicians (California) the reigning queen of clueless idiot politicians (forgive the redundancy) in Congress is Nasty Pelosi. She's NOT sorry for ObamaCare, in fact I think she and her cronies are actually proud of their 'accomplishment.' How stupid is that?

- In her world, being Democrat (C) means never having to say you're sorry about anything...not even for a historic disaster like ObamaCare (PPACA).

What a 'sorry' POS she is...

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Tom W said...

I remember what Dennis Miller said about her: "The whistle on that train of thought is barely audible off in the distance." Pelosi is delusional.