Monday, 30 December 2013

Education [none], ObamaCare [doesn't care]..................from Rico

America's last Socialist President Jimmy Carter established the federal Department of Education, which has been either a huge failure (if you think kids should actually be educated) or a gigantic success (if you believe that an illiterate mouth-breathing populace is a good idea). I cannot tell exactly what Billy BJ was as a President, since he kept getting 'distracted' by....ahem, matters unrelated to politics....but suspect that if he had been able to control his urges may have been somewhere between Carter's Socialism and Barry's Communism. This segues neatly to Barry Whatever-his-real-name-is, the current pResident who is a flaming Marxist, make no mistake. Elected twice courtesy of an illiterate majority (thanks Jimmuh), his major 'achievement' in the namesake ObamaCare looks like it will accomplish what is advertised in this signage which was doubtless made by a burger-flipping graduate of government-run skools. Life does imitate art sometimes, as ObamaCare promises to be a real anus pounder for America.


Anonymous said...

Who knew Mickey D was such a big supporter of gay sex!

Toejam said...

Report Micky D to Chick Fil A!