Saturday, 28 December 2013

Requiem for the Reform?.......................from Dan Friedman

[Anyone who knows anything about the internal Jewish struggle knows that the seeds of our conflict were bred into our DNA during the Exodus and at the foot of Mt. Sinai. The deviationists, the idol worshippers, the deceivers, and misleaders who have always longed to return to Egypt have been a thorn in our side from Day One. If they appear on the wane today, it doesn’t mean they are suddenly on their last legs. Seeing their numbers (and dollars) dwindle in the Diaspora, they’re making a tactical retreat (one of many) and moving their “brand” to Israel - setting their sights on sowing confusion and weakening the foundation of the Jewish people. It’s much too early for schadenfreude, dear friends. This is our tragedy and our burden. The fight is still in its early rounds. df]

JPost, 12/26/2013
By Jonathan Rosenblum
"In the recent Pew study of American Jewry, the fastest growing segment consisted of those responding “None” when asked their religious identity." 

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