Thursday, 30 January 2014

Be generous, you can 'spare' it!.............................from Rico

Fewer and fewer Americans are around that remember THE theme song of the Great Depression "Buddy, can you spare a dime?" but today's generation is hearing a 'new' version of this song as we slide into the "Greater Depression" "Buddy, can you spare your IRA?"

A more-than-broke FedGov intends to buy time, on American's dime. Or, in words the "progressive" Kool-aid drinkers can understand, "all your retirement money are belong to us."

Behind the scenes, the groundwork has already been laid for the FedGov to confiscate tax-deferred retirement accounts like IRA's and 401K's. This has been quietly worked through back room committees in Congress since 2007.

- It includes features Americans will just LOVE like 'automatic' payroll deductions which will allow FedGov to steal the cash directly, in addition to raiding their IRA's nd 401K's after they have been converted to the "safety and security" of 'special' Treasury bonds like those issued only to the FED today (which aren't, won't, or can't be easily cashed).

Uncle Sam has an addiction, it's bad and getting worse. It's called spending money he doesn't have, and like any junkie he's ready to turn to crime to get his next "fix."

- When he sees Americans with $19.4 trillion in retirement savings, he very generously is offering to help 'manage' it for them. What could possibly go wrong? [think: Social Security]

Make NO MISTAKE, this is 100% about funding the $1.5 trillion annual (and climbing) FedGov deficits via America's retirement funds.

- There is now no other way to soak up the financial blood from these annual deficits.

The Democrat (C) 'official record' called the NYT and/or the Grey Lady (or that Commie rag) actually rewrote the lyrics to "Buddy... a few decades ago using Nixon, Agnew and Ford and mentioning rope:

Once we had Roosevelt,

Praise the Lord.

We had hope.

Now we have Nixon, Agnew, and Ford.

Buddy, can you spare a rope?

Of course, today there is no longer any rule of law, nor Constitutional rights like freedom of speech, privacy, etc. so it would be silly to let the NSA 'capture' anyone writing something similar like:

Once we had Reagan,

Things were good.

Now we have "change" and "hope."

We're stuck with Commie's like Barry, Reid and Boehner.

Buddy, can you spare a rope?

But I would never do that, the thought police, Comrades, and Kommisar's would not like that, and one might be treated like Dinesh DeSouza...or Breitbart. So I won't do that. Instead I will plead with you to BUY BONDS. Please help. Save Barry and Moochelle's lavish vacation schedule for the next few years, won't you?

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