Thursday, 16 January 2014

Late News.....................

UN climate chief declares communism best for fighting global warming

Pentagon Said to Order Cutting Littoral Ships by 20

Obama is 100% right about inequality
American Prosperity And African Poverty - Reality Ignored By Black Racists

F**king cowards, they deserve the tyranny they help bring on themselves ....

Home Depot employee in Alaska rescues falling baby

Did Bonnie and Clyde plan to rob an Alabama bank?

Devastatin​g: Benghazi Timeline Reveals Obama MIA...

Obama in NC: Where's Senator Hagan?

Joint Iraqi army, Peshmarga operations against Da'ish in 4 provinces

Dem Super PAC Slams Obamacare in Ad

Senior British Defense Advisor: Obama 'Incapable​,' 'Crazy'

Why Was CIA in Benghazi?

Massachuse​tts Monks Brewing Beer like European Brothers

Coburn to Congress: 'The Problem Is Us'

Christie Learns his Lesson About the Media

Obamas Made Hawaii Trip to Showcase Income Inequality

Obama IRS's Crimes Against Americans to go Unpunished

You’re pushing your luck

NSA collects millions of SMS messages worldwide

Yes, The US Navy’s Been on a Strategic Holiday

Taiwan Unveils ‘Wan Chien’ Air-To-Ground Cruise Missile

The Mafia's Deadly Garbage: Italy's Growing Toxic Waste Scandal

Listen carefully: the BBC is never wrong

Afghanistan Taliban 'confident of victory' over Nato. The BBC acting as the Taleban's PR dept.

Navy's Acting No. 2 Forced Out on Sexual Misconduct Allegation​s

Palestinian Incitement and the Endless War

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