Monday, 10 February 2014

Anger Erupts After Danish Zoo Puts Down Healthy Giraffe

This really bothers me, and clearly the depravity of killing a lovely healthy giraffe has hit a nerve in global public opinion.

And remember, these are leftists pushing these policies, "Copenhagen Zoo Puts Down 'Surplus' Giraffe to Prevent 'Inbreeding'."


thehawkreturns said...

Nothing to see here. Move along.
Off course, this will soon be happening to white people all over Europe. But no-one seems to give a toss as the Muslims become the zoo keepers over the next generation.

Lola said...

Don't forget Eugenics was always favoured by socialists

Mark said...

WTF? They couldn't have swapped him with another zoo? Maybe they could have shipped him off to Disney's Animal Kingdom. I'm sure they could have financed the transaction with a PayPal donation page.

Killing an animal should be the absolute last resort, and even then it should be done with heavy heart. For this zoo, it seems it was the first choice.