Thursday, 27 February 2014

Downplaying the Holocaust -- Sulzberger & NY Times: Anna Blech at TEDxHunterCCS

H/T Shelly 'This short video explains why The New York Times is a worthless rag and doesn't deserve support. It also explains, perhaps, why Jews still support the party of Roosevelt, who was hand in hand with Sulzberger in ignoring the Holocast'


Anonymous said...

audience did not seem very receptive of that at all. Maybe they read the new york times?

Leonard Jones said...

You have to remember that Hitler was the darling of the left until
he committed the unforgivable sin of attacking their one true love,
Soviet Russia.

Sulzberger was being remarkably consistent in his treatment of the
Jews in Europe. It was no different than the N.Y. Slimes whitewashing the mass murder in the Soviet Union in the 20's.
Their guy in Russia was given the Pulitzer prize.