Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Dozens of Bags of Heroin Found in Philip Seymour Hoffman Apartment: Actor Was Planning Long Heroin Binge

 photo 1391444087_philip-seymour-hoffman-sundance-467_zps030924e8.jpg
What a horrible story.

The guy was a loser intent to throw his life away.

Seriously. The selfish f-ker had three kids.

See, "Philip Seymour Hoffman Planning for Massive Heroin Binge."

PREVIOUSLY: "Philip Seymour Hoffman Found Dead."

The dude was found with a junky syringe sticking out of his arm, the sick f-k.

(At the photo: Hoffman posed for a virtual death picture a couple of weeks ago at the Sundance Film Festival, in Utah.)


Anonymous said...

"The guy was a loser intent to throw his life away."

Oh really? And you are an expert on addiction, having an intimate knowledge of Hoffman's psyche which renders you qualified to pronounce such judgement?


Anonymous said...

Dumb ass with too much money.

I am sick to the back teeth of rich people with money who dont know what to do with it except buy drugs.

Rich guy earned a Darwin Award. No loss to humanity.

Take his money and fund scholarships for gifted poor kids or children of KIA/WIA.

Anonymous said...

Another obummer voter not physically being able to vote until 2016.
and yea anonymous: NO ONE any where in the know Universe put a GUN to his head or to his family's head to FORCE him to buy and inject heroin into his body. PERIOD.