Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Flying Bankers?.........................from Rico

The "crash" of 1929 generated stories about a slew of Bankers-Investors jumping from skyscrapers onto Wall Street below, but this was mainly urban myth.

- There may only have been TWO actual jumpers in 1929, despite the <12> drop of the Dow on "Black Tuesday" which was preceeded by a <13> drop on Monday, and a drop of <11> the prior Thursday.

So what does the recent UNRELATED (?) rash of Banker deaths (the number is over 20 now) mean? We already have 'matched' the 1929 number of two flying bankers, but with many more casualties this time around.

- It's just 'coincidence' right? It couldn't have anything at all to do with the rampant fraud and corruption in the western banking system (think LIBOR-rigging, but in the context of the latest 'problems' involving FOREX-rigging).

- The 'connection' of JPM, DB (Deutsche Bank, NOT dead bankers), the financial industry at large or the FOREX manipulations coming to light have nothing to do with anything...so the good Sgt Schulz (aka 'Schulzie') kindly informs me....nor does the fact that some of these people were close colleagues and worked together.

Connect some of these dots:

11 Jan - missing - David Bird, WSJ commodities reporter

26 Jan - dead, cause unknown - Tom Dickerson, Swiss Re AG

- dead - W. Broeksuit, Sr Mgr Deutsche Bank

27 Jan - dead - Karl Slym, Managing Director Tata Motors

28 Jan - dead, 'fell' from roof JPM's london HQ - Gabriel McGee VP

29 Jan - dead - Mike Dueker, Russell Investment

3 Feb - dead, cause unknown - Ryan Crane, Executive Director JPM Global Equities Group

6 Feb - dead, suicide by nail-gun - Richard Talley CEO America Title

18 Feb - dead, jumped from roof JPM's Asia HG - FNU Li Forex trader

Loose ends being 'taken care of' to stymie an investigation and avoid any 'whistle blowing' or 'rolling-over' to provide evidence for a reduced sentence?

- Or merely foreknowledge of a bigger problem ahead than the one faced in 1929?

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Anonymous said...

Actually, I queried (and still do) about NSA's/FBI's Tor hacking and subsequent monitoring of paedophile material viewers etc.... they took in the guy *hosting* a 'free' site, which he didn't cencor, which included such activities.. yet it all felt like more proganda for the masses.... I ask(ed) where are all the arrests... clearly they never gave a f*ck about the children.. but perhaps these people were indeed, part of a ongoing round up of many of these people. No doubt many of them were gona be exposed and if nothing happens, it would show just how cold, and evil NSA/FBI really are. But perhaps not after all , and some of these are not necessarily only financial investigations... One would think, ok so they go bust.. would they really kill themselves, when several clearly didn't seem to be suicidal. Well, such a round up would epxlain a lot.