Saturday, 8 February 2014

Green Is The New Red..........................from Rico

There was a certain elegance to the page layout of the Drudge Report this morning. Kudos to the editor.

- The banner story was: Great Lakes Record Ice Cover, which explained how they were almost completely frozen over this year which may allow Canadian wildlife to walk across them into the US. [Homeland Security could not bereached for comment.]

- There was another story below that: Over two-thirds of continental USA covered, (with snow) which needs no further clarification to most Americans this Winter as they already know from first-hand experience, but this was just below the next story...

- NYT: The End of Snow, hahahahahahaha, which was the usual crap bleating about rising temperatures, global warming, blah-blah-blah only serving to convince a rational person just how ridiculous, inane, disconnected from reality, and agenda-driven this rag has become. It DOES do a very good job, however, of demonstrating that 'green' is the new 'red' both being equally flawed concepts.

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