Sunday, 23 February 2014

Harvard Radical Feminist Attacks Academic Freedom, Wants 'Academic Justice'

Well, she's a totalitarian loon: "Harvard's Sandra Korn and the Leftist Crusade for 'Academic Justice'":

Sandra Korn photo Sandra_YL_Korn_Harvard_zps9ebf7270.jpg
Ms. Korn, I further discovered, is not only a prolific columnist – writing regularly for both the Crimson and the Harvard Political Review – but an active member of Occupy Harvard, the Progressive Jewish Allliance, the Student Labor Action Movement, and BAGELS, “Harvard’s group for bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgendered Jews.” In her columns, she’s paid tribute to the Black Panthers, celebrated the Occupy movement, and chided those who cheered Kim Jong-Il’s death. She’s opposed allowing ROTC back onto the Harvard campus, one reason being that “[i]nternational students…from countries not allied with the United States” might object to their presence. She’s criticized Harvard’s plans to distribute lecture courses on the Internet as the latest development in “a long history of imperialism in which U.S. elites have told an increasingly globalized world that what they thought was best.” She’s written that “[w]hile violent resistance through Hamas is not right,” it’s “not incomprehensible,” given that “non-violent resistance cannot make the international community pay attention to the plight of the Palestinians in Gaza.” And she’s dismissed as “Islamophobia” any statement of the objective fact that anti-Semitism is a core element of contemporary Palestinian identity.

Speaking of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, summer before last Ms. Korn went on a free ten-day trip to Israel courtesy of Taglit-Birthright Israel, then wrote a column savaging the “right-wing rhetoric” she was fed – by which she meant that, for example, her tour guides displayed an unapologetic pride in Israel and were honest about the systematic inculcation of anti-Semitism in Palestinian schools. While in Israel, she wrote an article lamenting that the country – which some of her family members admired half a century or so ago as “a workers’ nation, a socialist utopia” – has now “adopted capitalism with fervor,” an action which she plainly deplores. She is, indeed, no fan of capitalism....
Such idiots these days, but that's what you get with these spoiled chicks at Harvard.


LifeoftheMind said...

"U.S. elites have told an increasingly globalized world that what they thought was best.”

Delivered without a hint of irony.

Ugly goes to the bone. She will not sully the gene pool but will do harm to all she can until she departs.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the local islams actions will be against this woman and her minons?

Bill said...

This ugly academic parasite is a man-hater and much else.

As one chap said in a comment on her article,

"You scratch a shiny progressive, and underneath you will find a dark authoritarian."