Saturday, 22 February 2014

Highly Flammable.............................from Rico

Gas, Corruption, and Communism are all three highly flammable.


- Looking beyond the media pundits reading from scripted, pre-written lines, one might consider that the flow of natural gas from Russia to Europe via the Ukraine is a factor in the troubles there.

- Of course, the raging corruption of their government is no small matter either. Their victims (the people) have figured out that they have been swindled and their trust betrayed, so are rightly pissed-off.

Corruption....and Communism.

- Since corruption is THE end game of Communism, let's combine the two. The intellectual and moral rot of Socialism-Progressivism-Communism is a perfect petrie dish for corruption, and the Ukrainian example ref infra is only one example of the flammable nature of the ultimate end-game of Marxism, which is the death of Socialism. A lot of death.

Martin Armstrong.

- One of the very few who can see beneath the surface of the water, Martin Armstrong thinks that we are witnessing a slow historical process to wit, the death throes of Socialism. I agree with him.

- Think about it for a moment in this context. "Progressivism" has failed and died in China, the failure moving to the Berlin Wall and the former Eastern Bloc, to the now very former USSR, and is now being witnessed in not just the Ukraine, but Argentina and Venezuela as well.

- EUropa is next, and America will follow them...although there is no telling what their criminally stupid and wrong-headed "Progressives" might actually 'achieve' in terms of destroying the former Constitutional Republic ahead of schedule; destruction and failure being hallmarks of top-down central idiocy. There certainly is enough Corruption present along with Communism in the USSA to perfect a trifecta of Corruption-Communism-Collapse.

Let there be light. Hey buddy, got a light?

- Will the blatant betrayal of the public trust be the "match?"

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Do not forget Brazil.