Thursday 27 February 2014

Israeli Left: This May Be Our Last Chance to Commit Suicide.....................from Dan Friedman

[There is no Left like the Israeli Left. Not even the Bolshevists wanted to see their country overrun by its enemies. But don’t take my word for it. See these two items culled from today’s Israeli press. df]
Here’s an op-ed written by one of the usual idiots at leftwing asylum, Haaretz:
With its army focused and its neighbors distracted, Israel has a golden opportunity to end the occupation.

And see if you can read this piece of wisdom from a Haaretz alumna without your head spinning.
This week, foreign media reported that the IAF hit Hezbollah targets in Lebanon. But what good does it do to destroy a few missiles when the price is liable to be another conflagration on the northern border?

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edutcher said...

If you think there's no Left like the Israeli Left, how do you explain the Choom Gang?