Sunday 16 February 2014

Let them eat...............................from Rico

This is a pretty clear thumb-in-the-eye to Americans.

- One in six of them being on Foodstamps today.

When America's Socialist pResident hosted Fwance's Socialist President to a caviar & quail egg State Dinner exceeding 2,500 calories (not incuding the booze), somehow the 'media' overlooked the fact that Moochelle Antoinette's new public school nutrition guideleines allows for only 1,150 calories total (breakfast and lunch combined).

- Never mind that the reaction to the new school food menu was widely reported as "tastes like vomit" by the kids.

The French Revolution may have been preceeded by a "let them eat cake" mentality of the ruling elite, but today's ruling elite in America continue to have their "let them eat foodstamps" moments on a regular...and very public...basis, although the message being sent is more along the lines of "let them eat sh*t."

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