Thursday, 27 February 2014


Greenpeace co-founder​: No scientific proof humans are dominant cause of warming climate

Syrian troops, Hezbollah fighters kill foreign jihadists in ambush

Senators: Keystone pipeline needs review for health impacts

Carr: John Kerry is 'totally oblivious' and totally loving it all

Man Abandons Dog in Frigid Cold Weather

How Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood Have Helped Transform America

Reid: Koch Brothers Behind Obamacare “Lies”

Michelle’s Low-Freedom Diet

Russian-backed fighters restrict access to Crimean port

East of Suez

Ukraine and Our Useless Outrage

Hawaii Spends $120 Million on Obamacare Exchange, Enrolls...4,300 People

Constitution Pollution

BIG BAD LABOR Raising Hundreds of Millions to Take At Least FIVE States From GOP Governors and Control All LABOR

Obama direct threats call for governor gonads

Russia War Games over Ukraine Prompt US Warning

Pro-Moscow coup in Crimea. Russian fighter jets on W. border on combat alert. Kiev deploys security forces

Syrup spill shuts down section of Oklahoma highway after leaking tanker leaves sticky, 8-kilometre trail

Wi-Fi computer virus goes ‘airborne’ like common cold

'A Perfect Storm': The Failure of Venezuela's New President

Asia Turns to North America for LNG

There’s no justice for those who fought the IRA by Tim Collins

FBI had source in contact with Osama bin Laden in 1993

We can get rid of Assad or fight al-Qaeda, but we can’t do both

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