Monday, 3 February 2014


Debbie Does USAF: The cheating scandal is huge—and there's more.

Food stamp's heat-and-e​at scam

Local Leprechaun Killed in Traffic Mishap

10 Historical Quotes We All Get Wrong

Noonan: Meanwhile, Back in America . . .The growing distance between Washington and the public it dominates

Pensacola's Derrick Brooks enters Hall on first ballot

Ancient roadway was trod by Native Americans, 19th century settlers

An Early Spring? North Escambia Weather Ducks Miss Shadow

Rogue FDLE Chemist In Escambia County May Have Compromised Hundreds Of Drug Cases

Blue Angels ‘Rock N Fly’ 5K Planned

Armless high school kicker dreams of the NFL

The Laughable State of the Union

Why Socialism is a Pseudoscience

Bullying tactics by Kerry and Europeans fuel anti-Israel terror, stir boycott threats

U.S. Security "Assurances" and the End of UN Resolution 242

Why the Palestinians Refuse to Recognize Israel as a Jewish State

From unfinished hotels to killing stray dogs: Five things to know about Russia’s 2014 Winter Games

Russia's sideways sailing 'oblique icebreaker' has final trials

Saudi Arabia criminalizes ‘terrorists’ defaming state’s reputation, disturbing order

Britain Could Lead on European Defense

Pakistan’s Militancy Response: Too Little, Too Late

Al-Qaeda cuts links with 'hardline' Syria group

Israel, Jordan Consider Involvement in Syria to Stymie al Qaeda

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