Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Jordan Says No to Kerry "Conspiracy"

Free Speech Wars: The Blasphemy Fashion Police

The Belarusian Connection: Obamacare network vulnerable to cyber attack

Fmr. Marxist Guerilla Leader to Be El Salvador’s Next President

State OCare “Glitches” May Doom Dems

Bill Ayers and Obama Both Quote Alinsky

Lawmakers wonder: Does the crude-oil export ban even make sense anymore?

Push to impeach Obama makes major gain

EagleSpeak​: Energy News: "No major environmen​tal impact from Keystone XL, DOS says"

SNL producer: Republican​s are good at taking a joke, Democrats take it personally

Under fire, Detroit police chief won't back down on encouragin​g citizens to own guns

Commercial Super Hercules Launched

Publicly-Funded University of Tenn. Spending $25K On X-Rated “Sex Week” As Part of Plan To “Transform Campus Into A Culture of Diversity”….

The State of the Nation: 43 Percent Forgive Clinton’s Lies

Our Icarus-in-Chief: Obama’s global fantasies are falling to earth along with him. by VDH

‘Leading from behind’ eventually leads nowhere

Republicans to the Rescue? Sliding halfway down a slippery slope. by Thomas Sowell

Oh My: Kerry Concedes WH Syria Policy is in Total Shambles

Market Plunge Revives Fear of 1929

State denies Kerry admitted US Syrian failure. Israel shoots down US-led NATO force for Palestinian State

North Korea May Be Able to Build Own Missile Launchers: Experts

‘4 out of 5 fastest-growing defense budgets are in Mideast’

Cost of corruption across EU equals its annual budget - EU Commission

Time: Air Power’s Great Nemesis

US Navy Explores Sub-Launched Hypersonic Missiles

The EU is corrupt, and so are national governments – it's in the nature of human organisation

Talking with the Pakistan Taliban is like talking to a black hole

F-35 Delayed After Fourth Prototype Becomes Self-Aware And Has To Be Destroyed

and from Florida..........

Senators vow to repeal COLA cap; commissary price hikes considered

For the first time, Honda's U.S. exports surpass imports from Japan (Driving Alabama)

Houston-area furniture store owner loses Super Bowl bet, refunds $7 million to customers

Sens. Jeff Sessions and Richard Shelby: Navy needs full order of 52 Littoral Combat Ships

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