Monday, 3 February 2014

Putting Words Into Netanyahu'​s Mouth......................from Dan Friedman

129 words that would change the world:
The hour is late and Iran is approaching the nuclear breakout point. At this fateful juncture, it would be foolhardy and feckless for Israel to participate in peace talks that for 20 years have already shown there is little chance of success. A gamble not worth taking and certainly one that no other nation facing nuclear annihilation would take. Today, Israel and the Jewish people have decided to deal with the threat of another holocaust without being distracted, or exhausted by matters that can be better dealt with later. Henceforth, Israel officially withdraws from the negotiating table in favor of ensuring the Jewish state’s long term survival. G-d willing, after we achieve that objective, we can turn our attention to other pressing problems that have bedeviled Jews for ages.
-- Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel

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