Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Reason # 3,520 Why I Don't Watch CNN......................from Rico

There are a LOT of reasons NOT to watch CNN (lovingly called the Communist News Network), and I do not. I will not. I can not.
- So go ahead, call me a 'refusenik.'

Here is just one example why not.
- Last night (according to Drudge's site which I DO view) CNN was all agog over whether Moochelle "Antoinette" Obama's dress last evening cost $10,000 or $12,000.

Well golly, it's NOT like there is anything ELSE more important or newsworthy to cover but that burning question.
- There was some coverage of the caviar State dinner that followed, where one Socialist head of state homored another Socialist head of state, to be fair.

Then there are those of us in the 'real' world who consider that FLOTUS, or the First Lady as some insist on calling her (that's NO lady, that's Barry's faux wife), has taken the expression to mean "Me First."

The rest of you, yes you...the 99% of America, and especially those of you only earning maybe $10-12K in a YEAR, well.......
- All y'awl enjoy your slavery now , heah?

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Anonymous said...

That really should be "the clitton/crescent "news" network."