Monday, 10 February 2014

Sucking Sounds............................from Rico

By now it's no secret that corrupt governments use fake economic data (and the FTV media complex) as a political tool, not as a reflection of reality, and to keep the "debt rattle" of the now failing progressive Keynesian economic experiment from being heard by the sheeple.

- This is part of the reason that the 'official' numbers simply beggar belief and do not match what we are seeing actually happen in the real world, and when even the faked numbers begin to look bad you just have to figure the end game approaches.

Have you wondered why the wild 'swings' and 'unusual' trading patterns in the paper bullion markets (Gold and Silver) have grown more erratic and severe?

- You are NOT supposed to (a) notice, or (b) ask what that* sucking sound is, unless you want to become a candidate for self-inflicted nail gun suicide or attempt unassisted flight from a roof top.

*The current financial environment of corruption, fraud. manipulation, and theft is a somewhat touchy subject these days.

Against this backdrop, and over the HUGE sucking sound of Western Gold disapearing into Eastern vaults [read: China], consider connecting a few dots:

- From Apr 2013 to end-Jan 2014 the bullion banks (Scotia, HSBC, and JPM) have seen 88% of their registered Gold inventory removed from the COMEX.

- The GLD has seen one-third of it's Gold inventory removed.

- Futures contracts are being settled in fiat cash because there isn't enough physical bullion to deliver for settlement.

- China just bought JPM's bullion vault in NYC, adjacent to the FED's.

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