Wednesday 19 February 2014

The Great American Recovery................................from Rico

The MSM, the Regime, and even Yellanke of the FED still talk about 'recovery' in the very best tradition of Soviet falsehood.

- Bad is Good, Down is Up, Slavery is Freedom, Ignorance is Strength.

Da, tovarisch, this is SOME recovery America is having.

- Let's call it the Great American Recovery why don't we? If the lie is big enough, and repeated often enough, it will be believed if the sheeple are stupid enough.

And, in all fairness to the backwards-minded "progressives" you COULD say these are all indicators of a recovery:

- An UNEMPLOYMENT RECOVERY: Unemployment. 23.2 percent per ShadowStats, not the claimed 'offishul' 6.6 (U.6) percent.

- A FOOD STAMP RECOVERY: With 47,6 million (and climbing) now on Food Stamps, America has more people on Food Stamps than Spain has people. If you are on Food Stamps you win a "free" ObamaPhone with "free" airtime as a bonus.

- A HOUSING RECOVERY: Mortgage applications are now back to pre-bubble 1990's levels and have actually been pretty 'flat' for over three years now.

- A NATIONAL DEBT RECOVERY: We'll talk about how that has doubled under Barry LNU in some other rant.

- A FED RECOVERY: So QEternity hasn't really helped anyone off Wall Street, but the FED deserves honorable mention for making the purchasing power of a 1913 penny the same as that for a 2014 Dollar. Color me impressed!

Apart from claiming that there is a 'recovery' there is only one thing left to seal the deal, and cement America's future [think Chicago, think cement overshoes] and that is for the Liar-in-Chief to say:

"If you LIKE your recovery, you can KEEP your recovery."

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