Friday, 21 February 2014

The Paper Game and Bullion..............................from Rico

A 'funny' thing happened around the three-day holiday weekend in the US.

- While the manipulators were away from the orifice eating caviar on toast points, the paper 'spot' prices somehow rose to around $1329.20 for Gold and $21.94 for Silver.

The Cartel and the Central Banks were most displeased, and so the 'work' of managing the paper price has resumed.

- Look at where the 'spot' prices are now on the attached charts.

This is the 'game' being played:

- With unlimited naked short paper, force other shorts out of their positions and buy longs at the bottom you create, then sell them at the top you create and buy shorts as the suckers buy a few longs at the top.

- Wash, rinse, repeat as desired.

But WHY is the paper tail wagging the physical bullion dog? Because Gold and Silver are competitors to Western Central Banks, the US Treasury with its Exchange Stabilization Fund, the Federal Reserve, and others.

- The 'performance' of government fiat currencies and bonds, their values, of interest rates, and Forex are mirror images of bullion's performance.

- So the paper bullion market (Gold and Silver) is rigged every day, even hour by hour, to control-manage the price and usually to suppress it.

It's a grand game, and allows the manipulators to make money on rigged market movements in both directions (up or down), while doing the Central Banker's work for them ("God's work" as Lloyd Blankfein once called it) with no fear of enforcement of already lax regulations, and certainly no consequences except hefty bonuses and the random flight off a rooftop.

The take away:

- These bankers will steal your fiat cash when they feel like it, but they cannot touch physical Gold or Silver that someone owns outside of their control.

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