Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Sunday Best...................

Now a witness to Breitbart'​s death vanishes

Geraldo Attacks O’Reilly Over Racist Obama Interview: “What You Did Was Strip Him of His Majesty”

Birther Site Taken Down, Amid Phony Excuses


Mystery Disease Strikes Just One Family on the Planet - Joselin, Hilary Linder determined to wipe out strange genetic ailment

Camp Pendleton-​based unit assumes command in Southwest Afghanista​n

Whiting Field secures 490 new acres

By way of Louisiana, England in 1819 comes to Pensacola

Oh, say can you hear? Ranking the national anthems you might encounter during the Winter Olympics

Stolen hot dog carts were more than woman's livelihood, they were her salvation

Birmingham beats out volcano for 'better places than Sochi to host the Olympics' list

Hearing loud booms in northern Alabama? It's 'the sound of freedom'

Monuments Man: Birmingham Museum of Art's founding director Richard Howard helped restitute Nazi-plundered art

CIA can do what it can do, can't do what it can't do, can't say what it can't do, it says

Vulnerable Democrats try straddle on 'Obamacare'

Iranian Warships Headed Toward U.S. Maritime Borders to Send 'A Message'

Obama Job Approval Falls to 39 Percent

Does America Still Want To Prosper?

Russian anti-terror drive around Sochi leaves 10 dead. Female suicide suspects detained in W. Europe

IAF strikes suspected Palestinian terrorist in central Gaza Strip

The Left’s long march will be hard to stop

Mexico drug war: dish washers v drug lords

Obama economy continues to shed jobs

TSA Doubles Down: “Freeze” in Place: Sir, We Need to Test Your Departure Gate Starbucks for Explosives

The Patrol: a British look at modern warfare

Violence rocks Syrian city during another civilian evacuation attempt

US stops adding al Qaeda leaders to 'kill list'

Ben Carson: Obama officials 'acting like Gestapo'

and finally..........

Life in the USA: Happy wife, happy life

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