Friday, 28 February 2014

The Theo Fundraiser..............

I have been blogging for nearly 12 years now and to continue this blog has to start paying it's way. Ever since Google-ads blocked us cos of the totty ( and being anti Obama) there is no income. I am not asking for charity but things are tight now and I now have to find an income bacause I have put this site before everything for a long while as we have a great team who I couldn't run this blog without. They are unpaid and brilliant and some have been with us since the beginning. I couldn'd run the blog without them. I am an Englishman in a small town in Norfolk (England) who is amazed at what one can do these days over the internet. Hell we both have mid-term elections coming up so lets use our God given right to kick some liberal ass. All contributions will be greatly accepted cos otherwise i might have to go into politics!!!

Anyone wishing to contribute please hit the PayPal button in the bar. Many Thanks Theo


Anonymous said...

I love your blog; Although, there are some things that concern me.

No one who posts ever answers any comments, let alone offers a debate on what they have posted.

There is never any indication that anything that may be commented on a post is ever even read by the posters.

Do you even care what the people who read your site think about what you post?

Why should I give a S if YOU make money?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the above commenter, that's just wrong. Why, if you love this place so much (as I do), are you dissing it?

Anyway, Theo, I appreciate all that you all do. Your site is the first one I come to every morning, because as I've said elsewhere, you wake up before everyone else! Everyone else being the east coast of the USA, I mean.

I'm the poorest man I know, and that isn't a joke. I just got a check, though--not from Obama--and I'm going to donate a little bit. I hope you can keep things going here and others follow suit.

Keep up the good fight, man.

Alan L.

Anonymous said...

I'm with the first commenter here.
Why does a "poster" never answer any comments?
Debate is the basis of everything human, yet there is none here.
If those who have been helping you since the beginning, unpaid, continue to help you, unpaid, why do you need money from us?
I used to love this site, but it has become so blind to reader input that I frankly could care less if you just went away.
Your comment section sucks.
Everything you link is to another link.
There is nothing original anywhere on this site.
I may miss you, but I will not pay you to link me to sites already on my favorite list.
Be well, and I hope you find a real job that pays money from things you do, not "clicks"
on your site.