Sunday, 2 February 2014

This is NOT football..​.......................from Rico

Has anyone noticed that the Super Bowl has become the Sniper Bowl?

This is no longer football.

- This 'game' is being played in a heavily guarded PRISON for the entertainment of subjects of a POLICE STATE.

I do not need, or want, THAT kind of 'protection.'

- I'd rather pay Vinnie and Guido of the Cosa Nostra for that (or these days, Juan and Jose of MS-13, or Chang and Wang of a Triad gang, or Andrei and Ivan of The Russian Mafia), but not what 'used' to be a free republic and is now a criminal third-world regime.

No. Instead I think I will just 'skip' this event. The thousand commercials trying to sell me crap, the innumerable time outs, the wardrobes and/or lights failing. The whole thing.

- The 'terrorists' have already won....and as Pogo observed "We have met the enemy and he are us." Only the terrorists now are the so-called 'protectors.'

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Anonymous said...

Its nice that someone else has noticed that 'sports' correspond to bread and circuses