Thursday, 13 February 2014

This is WHY.....................from Rico

This is one reason WHY the Benghazi murders will not "go away."

It looks like the regime ddn't get this map to the 'shredder' as fast as they did the OBL death photo's.

- The one-party fascist state is not yet completely perfected by the regime (hey, remember that these are the same clowns that gave us the ObamaCare website).

Judicial Watch's FOIA obtained this UNCLASSIFIED map of US Naval assets that were 'in place' in the North African AOR the night of Benghazi.

What difference does it make? I guess if you are SecState Hillary lying your Communist ass off in front of Congress while planning your 'run' for the Presidency in 2016, absolutely none at all.

- Just ignore the dozens of US warships, including TWO aircraft carriers and 13 destroyers. The MSM manages to, why not you?

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