Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Too many bananas.........................from Rico

America today has far too many bananas, and not enough least not the Constitutional kind...Charles Krauthammer was absolutely correct in stating that (paraphreased using my words, not his) this is exactly the kind of happy horseshit you see in a Banana Republic.

How many remember starting each and every school day, standing with hand over heart (not crotch), and reciting the 'Pledge of Allegiance?'

- I'd bet many still remember those words by heart.

Well, THAT Republic is long dead kiddies.

- Thanks to the "progressive Democrats" [read: Communist assholes] we now have in its place a shitty third world Banana Republic, currently being abused by O'hole, His Imperial Marxistness (HIM) America's first dick, and dictator.

A hymn in his honor...HIM, HIM, F*** HIM

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