Sunday, 16 March 2014

For Now, Israel's DM is Kerry's Bête Noir.............................from Dan Friedman

[It's usually a mistake to credit an Israeli politician with being a stand up Jew. As we've seen with erstwhile shtarkers Sharon and Netanyahu, they can (and do) turn on a dime. But for the time being, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon has stepped into the role of Israel's spokesman for the nationalist cause and the man responsible for telling Obama and Kerry where to get off. We’ll soon see how long that lasts.
Now on to a closely related question. Does anyone in his right mind think Netanyahu will attack Iran  while the Israelis are pinned down by American-sponsored “peace” talks with the Arabs, and at the same time, America itself is having tea with the Ayatollahs? The answer is a self-evident “no.” Which gives Obama & Co. all the incentive they need to keep “negotiations” alive until Iran’s H-bomb is a fait accompli.  df]
JPOST.COM, 3/15/2014
In interview with Ch. 2, Moshe Ya'alon disputes notion that Palestinians have already recognized Israel as a Jewish state. 

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