Saturday, 1 March 2014


Whitewashing Benghazi. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

Obama Admin Announces 'Retroacti​ve' Obamacare Subsidies

Ancient gladiator school discovered in Austria

Taxpayer-F​unded Planned Parenthood Promotes Sado-Masoc​hism, Bondage to Teens in Video

Mom of Obamacare Victim: ‘Reid Owes Us an Apology’

Woman speaks out about back seat attack

Ukraine, Syria, Iran -- America isn't leading from behind, it's being left behind

Liberal hate aims to derail Heston Stamp

Army Must Shed 6 BCTs to Meet Proposed Budget Cuts

Amnesty Is The Knife That Killed Us

America’s Debt Crisis Explained

Suicidal Al Qaeda Operative Calls Jihadist Crisis Line

Court: Legal for Mexicans to offend Americans but illegal for Americans to offend Mexicans

An Insider's Stunning Firsthand Experience with President Obama

Driver Blows .000 on Breath Test; Gets Arrested for DWI

How Conservatives Can Take Back (Some of) Hollywood for Oscar Time

Miss. man wakes up in body bag at funeral home

Obama Warns Russia on Ukraine

Another 2,000 Russian troops airlifted into Crimea in continuing takeover of region

The "Iran deal," Washington’s gravest mistake in Foreign Policy

Supermarket Alert: Michelle Obama on the nutrition label

Has China Awoken a Sleeping Giant in Japan?

Should the U.S. Move the Marines to Guam?

Russia Says Its Building Naval Bases in Asia, Latin America

Death toll from Venezuela street protests rises to 18

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