Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Obama's Sewer Pipe..........................from Dan Friedman

With the full cooperation of Obama’s leftist friend at Bloomberg, Jeffrey Goldberg, Obama tried again to ambush Netanyahu while he was in the air traveling to D.C. Shades of 2011. For about a day the interview, and Obama’s condescending threats, got plenty of play in our media. But that all changed on Sunday night. That’s when the Russians pulled their stunt in the Crimea, capturing the world’s attention and upstaging Obama (and Bibi) in the process. The “distraction” took the wind out of the sails of Goldberg’s “scoop”, and now it’s dropped entirely off the radar screen. Instead, we’re back to business as usual. All eyes have returned to BHO’s incompetence (intended or unintended) in foreign affairs and how the man has turned a once-great country into the laughing stock of the “international community.”
Reading stories about the Ukraine and Crimea, I did learn a strategic lesson. The Europeans are heavily dependent on Russian oil and gas, and this will have a strong impact on how the Continent – especially Germany – deals with this crisis. In turn, it would surely give more leverage to stable, friendly countries who can replace the Russian bear. Now here’s the kicker. Recently, enormous reserves of gas have been found off Israel’s coast, and shale oil under her land. These just beginning to come on line. By now, you must see where this is going. If only Israel and its fractious leaders can avoid the traps set for them by Jewish peace mongers and Muslim rejectionists alike, then the future of the Jews and Israel may yet be bright – in spite of Jeffrey Goldberg and his BFF Obama.


Anonymous said...

Like it or not the Russians are the major player and supplier of oil and gas production to Europe and Israel, surrounded by Israel haters, cannot possibly go it alone in marketing its production.

It would seem that the most feasible way for Israel to sell and transport its Tamar and Leviathan production would be to broker a sale with Russia who could construct pipelines north through Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and on into eastern and central Europe. Seems to me a win-win solution for Israel in terms of dollars and in terms of possible Russian support, especially since Obama is visibly turning his back on Israel.

Seems like a negotiable possibility but then again, when you deal with the devil you shouldn't expect heavenly outcomes.

LifeoftheMind said...

Nonsense. The Russian and Islamist power must be broken. The best way to do that is to raide production globally, including within Europe the US the Maghreb and Israel, and build direct links between Israel Cyprus and Europe as well as Israel and Egypt. The last thing to do is empower Russia's client Shi'a Iran's client Syria or the Salafist/Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda. Russia China and the totalitarians of Islamist extremism, even when they hate each other, all are the enemy who hate us the more. All are on the other side. We should do nothing to strengthen them. With new technologies their days are over.

Anonymous said...

Well, you have some great points but keep in mind that no one on this planet, especially the US, can break that alliance. But the alliance can be exploited.

I don't understand what you mean by "raide production globally" but to get Israeli oil to Europe it will have to be shipped by pipeline overland and there have been talks between Israel and Russia about having the Russians buy the production. This proposal of course infuriates the Iranians.

In any event, Israel's new wealth in oil and gas will further spur arab and islamic wrath and desire to take Israel and it will be interesting to see what occurs.