Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Cossacks Ride Again!...........................from Dan Friedman

[Before the arrival of the Nazi's, the Ukraine led the league in oppressing, murdering, and brutalizing the Jews. Now that a crisis has developed between Russians and Ukrainians, the quaint old customs of the Cossacks are making a comeback. Jews in the Ukraine are vulnerable and under threat once again.
We already know that an Obama-led America might give this situation lip service at best. So first and foremost, this is a vacuum that needs to be filled by Israel. Will they or won't they work to keep our brethren in the Ukraine safe?
If you ask me, that should have a much higher priority for Netanyahu and the Israelis than absorbing more abuse and humiliation to placate an openly hostile American president. df]
Times of Israel, February 25, 2014
Rabbi asks Netanyahu for urgent protection against a ‘growing wave of anti-Semitic attacks’

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