Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The #VRWC report, the Cory Booker's road trip to Hawaii edition

If you don't believe Cory Booker once drove from New Jersey to Hawaii, you just might be a Climate Change Denier. And of course he hit all 57 states along the way!

According to DHS, rock-throwing illegal aliens are scarier than a killer rabbit.

John Hudak is a lying sack of camel dung. Which is in no way meant as an insult to actual camel dung.

Bill de Blasio hates children. Because children don't pay teachers union dues.

If everybody hates Daylight Saving Time, why do we still have it?

Another day, another imperial decree, this time granting legal status and benefits to thousands of illegal aliens if they're related to a member of the U.S. military. I'm as pro-military as they come, but it strikes me that if this is such a good idea you'd think Congress would want to go on record as being in favor of it.

Every time someone watches this Cadillac ad a libtard's head explodes.

In case you were unclear on NJ teen Rachel Canning's motives for suing her parents, behold her Facebook fan page.

Peek inside Barack Obama's diary, and then imagine how it would read if we had a Real President.

Meanwhile in Connecticut, we are all felons now.

Finally for today, 20 jokes that only really smart people will understand.

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