Monday, 3 March 2014

#Ukraine Crisis Update Day 3

Again, lots of blogging.

See, "U.S. Has Few Options in #Ukraine," and "Obama, Ukraine and the Price of Weakness":

 photo f1302783-12ce-4af7-b739-6ba435bf3076_zps950ad8aa.png
The lessons of the tragedy unfolding in the Crimea are many, but surely the first of them must be that when dictators don’t fear the warnings of the leader of the free world and when America demonstrates that it is war weary and won’t, on almost any account, take firm action, to defend its interests and to restrain aggression, mayhem is almost certainly always going to follow.
And don't miss, "Pessimism Is Key to Understanding Russia in #Ukraine."

More, "Ukraine Forces Ill Equipped to Take Back Crimea."

And just incredible here, "In Moscow, Lone Orthodox Priest Protests Russia's Invasion of #Ukraine."

As always, continuing breaking coverage throughout the night.

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