Saturday, 1 March 2014

Welfare. Work,...........................from Rico

This is exactly why the 'debate' about raising the minimum wage is stupid and pointless.

Move the debate to how much it pays per hour NOT to work at all.

- Why be inconvenienced by having to wake up, go to work and actually be productive, and have a boss, pay taxes and all that?

Don't be a sucker!

- Sleep until the crack of noon, hang out with friends, talk on your free phone, and get paid anyway.

Oh yeah. Remember to vote Democrat.

- Often.


Mike aka Proof said...

Would it be a safe bet to take, that in states #35 to 51, that the unemployment rate is lower than than the first 33 and DC?

Anonymous said...

Give the Democrats the wage hike. But, demand the reduction of small business payroll taxes at the Federal, State, County and Local Level. This is a negotiation our weak Republicans do not want to engage.